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Shevchenko Elena Aleksandrovna

Teacher of  the English language. Rater-examiner on  ICAO Language Proficiency Test.

"The English have a saying: «A new language is a new world ». Indeed, in modern society, the English language - the key to a world of new opportunities for learning, career, personal communication.  I plan my classes taking into account the characteristics of each student and each group and I am glad that my students see their own progress every day".

Kovaleva Galina Vasilyevna

Teacher of  “The technology of passenger service. Catering on board the aircraft. Psychology of communication”.

"Having worked a total of 23years  in the service of flight attendants, I came to the ATC, to share experiences and knowledge with young aviation specialists. Air transport  is always a big responsibility. To provide a comfortable and safe flight of  passengers and  their baggage, cargo and mail is the primary task for aviation specialist, regardless of whether he is in the service of flight attendants or  in service of  passengers or cargo transportation .To give knowledge  to specialists as a minimum  to be aware of their responsibility , as a maximum – to be  interested in the subject ; and ideally   to love  chosen profession is my job".

Peresada Svetlana Vladimirovna

Teacher of “ Aviation Safety” and “ Dangerous Goods Transportation”.


"I think that the most important task of the teacher-instructor of aviation security - to choose the right method of teaching theoretical courses and practical skills to work in a group and individually. After all, my goal - regardless of technical equipment of the airport to teach specialists to prevent  unlawful interference at the  airport".

Danilyuk Inna Ivanovna

Teacher of  the English language. Rater-examiner on  ICAO Language Proficiency Test.

"Doing things you love-always great! It concerns  teaching and learning a foreign language. My goal - to achieve full mutual understanding, overcoming language barriers among the listeners, by using  different  modern methods in teaching, individual attention to students without  "assembly line" and the possibility of developing new methods of teaching.

Tarasenko Yuri Semyonovich 

Teacher  of  “Navigation”, “Aviation Law”, “International flight rules”.


"People go to the aviation! The more you learn, the more you see! I happened to be in aviation and, thanks to this lucky chance, worked in Mineralnye Vody squad for 31 years. But, as the English proverb says: "Who can - he works, who can not – he teaches." We invite you to study with us at the ATC!"